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Our Recent Turnouts...

It has been fortunately quiet this winter with no major fires for us to attend. there have been a couple of electricity pole fires, a gas leak, some road incidents and, most recently, a cooking fire at the Smiths Gully Store.  Prompt and effective use of a fire blanket by the staff had it extinguished by the time we arrived. It was a bit smokey in there for a while though! 

All enquiries regarding burning off and/or permits within our shire should be directed to Nillumbik Council’s Regulatory Services on 03 9433 3111 or have a look at the NIllumbik Council Local Laws web page.  

What's Coming Up?

We will have an information stall and a fun AIR CANNON game - firing ping-pong balls at a target - at On The Hill on Sunday October 25th. Drop by to say hello. If the weather's good you may get a chance to try out a fire hose.

On October 17th and 18th Jansz Estate will be offering Naked Range Wines for tasting and sale at the station as part of the Open Cellars of Nillumbik event. Do pay us a visit.

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See our brigade Newsletter.

What We've Been Doing...

We're now well settled in the extended fire station which was officially opened in June. A new Official Opening Plaque has been affixed to the front.  Training has been pretty full-on along with checking fire hydrants and familiarising ourselves with the less-frequented parts of the area. And have two sons of current members who are now old enough to join.


An Overview of What We Usually Do...  

When we are not responding to '000' firecalls and other incidents, we conduct training sessions to maintain our skills and equipment.   We also perform fundraising activities throughout the year to offset financial demands that are placed on our brigade by modern day business practice. Unfortunately government funding does not cover all the operating expenses we incur.

While the CFA is strongly associated with bushfires, we also deal with structure fires, hazardous chemical incidents, road accidents and the odd fallen tree. We sometimes assist the SES with storm damage when required and can be called to assist the police with other matters.

We place a strong emphasis on training to ensure members are knowledgeable, competent and practised. Skills are assessed and members are certified in each skill as they pass the assessment. Then they can be part of a crew performing those tasks. For example, training in wildfire is separate from training in structure fires. They require different equipment and different tactics; breathing apparatus can only be worn by qualified operators; first aid can only be administered by those who are trained to do so; trucks can only be driven by those who have completed an on-roads competency and hold the required licence.

Training and assessment takes place in a supportive and encouraging environment. We make sure everyone passes by making sure they really know the work. Once accredited, skills are kept up to date through our informal weekly sessions on Sundays and other formal training seesions if necessary.

In everything we do, there is a great emphasis on crew and public safety which is why training and continual improvement of our skills are important.

While we all have different motives for being in the CFA, one we all share is that it makes us feel a part of the community, turning neighbours into colleagues and strangers into friends. Though we are sometimes confronted with suffering and tragedy, the pleasure we share in preparing for those rare events builds bonds that help us to meet those challenges with commitment and professionalism.

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