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It would not be possible for our fire brigade to function effectively without the financial support of the public and in particular, the communities of Panton Hill, Cottles Bridge and Smiths Gully.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) provides the basic resources we need to provide an emergency service, such as our fire trucks and some basic fire-fighting equipment.  The CFA also makes an annual contribution towards our brigade administration expenses, however this contribution does not meet our total operating costs which means our volunteers need to routinely conduct fundraising activities within the community on an ongoing basis. 

Our local community also incudes businesses and other community groups that can contribute.  Examples are donations we've received in previous years from businesses such as AXA, AMP and Cameron Homes, which were very generous and greatly appreciated.  Another example is the ongoing support we receive from the Eltham Rural Group which has helped us with equipment purchases on many occasions.  Bendigo Bank have also provided grants that have assisted us greatly.  All of these examples demonstrate the generosity that makes operating our community brigade possible. 

In order to provide a best practice fire-fighting emergency service,we strive to continually update and improve our brigade equipment.  Cash donations of any size are always valued along with contributions to our fundraising activities.

What do we spend the money on?

Here are some examples, large and small:
  • The radio mast and hose tower erected when the new station was buit in 1997 was possible only through a fundraising campaign that ran for over a year.
  • Food and drinks for firefighters on the job. In large-scale incidents refreshment is organised by the CFA, but this is not the case for most of the fires we attend. Keeping up our volunteer's fluids is critical.
  • Chainsaws, generators, lighting equipment and associated safety gear.
  • Additional fire-fighting hoses and specialised nozzles. These are very expensive but we buy them because the best branches improve water efficiency and our effectivenes.
  • Carpet for our brigade meeting room.
  • Air Conditioning for our brigade meeting room.
  • Computer and printing equipment for our brigade office. 
  • Safety boots, specialist torches & goggles for our firefighters.
  • First aid supplies & equipment.
  • Internet broadband connection and this web site.

If you wish to make a donation by cash, cheque, or in kind, please contact the Treasurer

All cheques for donations should be made payable to: 'Panton Hill Fire Brigade' (ABN: 29 419 704 198).

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