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There is a great deal of information on the Country Fire Authority (CFA) web site and it is worth taking time to explore it. Here are three (3) useful links:

CFA Plan & Prepare information for residents.

CFA Warnigs & Incidents information.

CFA Total Fire Bans & Fire Danger Ratings information - we are in the Central district.

The Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) also have information on their web site:  The Department of Sustainability & Environment is responsible for public land in Victoria which is about a third of the state. As well as National Parks like KInglake, DSE takes care of smaller tracts of public land in the Pantoin Hill area e.g. Boomers Reserve.

DSE Warnings & Incidents information. Thishasthe same real time updates as the CFA page but presented in a different context with some additional information.

Other Useful Links...

The YouTube CFA TV channel has a large range of video clips

The Bureau of Meteorology  provides updated weather forecasts and has radar so you can see what weather is coming.

Some of our neighbouring brigades have web sites - Research, Christmas Hills.

The Shire of Nillumbik council also has a role in planning and preparation for bushfire response.

The 2009 Bushfires Royal Commission has had a significant impact on the way the CFA works.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) web site  - ABC Emergency Information.

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